Being a world company with our running quarries, factories and with Professional stuff !

On time Loading

Our basic principle is keeping our promises in production and delivery processes to ensure that we are ready to sacrifice. Your word is our word. We are always on time.


Being the leader of the sector, creating new projects designs by using latest technology equipments!

Marble Cutting

Many different sizes are workable in healthy and safety conditions in Med Marble factories.

Quality Policy

Med Marble is dedicated to producing and exporting the Turkish Mines with the highest quality standards and providing the best customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Ready for new Projects

Med Marble is very open minded and leader for new projects according to the demands of the customer from local and world markets !

Best Marble Selections

Presenting best quality and selections of Natural Stone with Trustful R&D department and is Med Marble’s business

Environmentally Friendly

Med Marble works very kindly to the environment during all process of production cutting loading etc. and brings back 15 times tree to the nature!


MED MARBLE  production quality is accepted by its customers and provides this success by its quality control system which is valid in all steps of production

Combine quality and beauty with MED MARBLE !

EsthetIc and qualIty together wIth MED MARBLE !!

You are always welcome to our head office and running quarries! Our professional stuff is active in 12 months !

For best projects, best selections please consult to Med Marble !